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Australian bushmen have, over the years developed many skills using kangaroo leather, which was readily available to them. This leather is renowned for its strength (relative to the weight of the hide), durability and flexibility and is therefore extremely comfortable to wear. Finely braided belts were a traditional specialty of the Australian whipmakers with the twin ring style being the most common. To do these up you simply put the tail through both rings then turn it back on itself and between the rings.

All our belts are made from lace strands, cut from specially selected hides, which are stretched before being bevelled and plaited. Therefore, when you receive your belt, most of the stretch has been taken up so you will not end up with the tail hanging down around your knees when you have worn it for a while! They also come with a loose keeper to take ensure the tail will not flap about and be untidy.

To ensure the right size when ordering, please take the measurement around yourself in the position you wear your belt. Tell us this measurement and we will be able to send the correct size belt to you. This may or may not be the same as your waist size. All belts available in tan, brown, dark brown and black. Other colours may be available on request. We can also put other fittings on the belt you require just ask about the possibility when placing your order. Maybe you have a special buckle you would like fitted. Wider belts can also be made to your specifications.

PLEASE NOTE: All prices are in AUD$   Please contact us for shipping costs.

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One for the "Billy Lids" to look all grown up The 'Billy Lid'
A belt (for the kids) made from 9 strands sennit plait and 1" (25mm) wide fitted with nickel rings. All children's sizes available; 22", 24", 26" & 28" waist sizes. Colours; black, dark brown, brown & tan.
A 9 strand "Ringer" belt The 'Ringer'
9 strand 1" (32mm) belt made from strong kangaroo hide, plaited in a simple sennit sequence and fitted with nickel rings. Ideal for an all round work belt.  Colours; black, dark brown, brown & tan.
A sturdy "Goanna" plait belt The 'Goanna'
14 strand 1" (32mm) belt plaited from kangaroo leather with a unique pattern which looks like the skin flap on the neck of a goanna. A most attractive belt fitted with brass rings. Colours; black, dark brown, brown & tan.
Also available in 1" (38mm) 16 strand $170.00 including GST
Stylish "Squatter" plaited dress belt The 'Squatter'
17 strand 1" (32mm) belt with a very fine herringbone plait finished with flat brass dees. This belt is ideal to wear with a suit as the dees sit nice and flat.  Colours; black, dark brown, brown & tan.
Also available in 1" (38mm) 19 strand $205.00 
 wide "Jillaroo" belt The 'Jillaroo'
A smart 10 strand sennit plait 1" (38mm) belt with stylish solid brass buckle and keeper. Colours; black, dark brown, brown & tan.

**Can't see a length, colour or style that suits you? Please contact us with your requirements and we'll be happy to help fit you with exactly what you need.**

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