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This gallery shows just a small sample of some of the more specialized works we have done, as well as some other photo's, from past and present, that we think you will find of interest. Enjoy!!!

** Click on thumbnails for enlargement and description**

A magnificent two tone 7' stock whip
Custom 7'x20x24 strand black/tan
Black 12 strand quirt with red knot interweave
12 strand black quirt with red interweave in the knots
Natural coloured riding crop

Riding crop with 8 strand plait handle in natural colour

Black & silver coloured cat
12 strand black/silver cat
Accurate scale miniature bull whip
framed scale miniature
12 strand bullwhip
Spectacular metallic snake whip
6'x16 strand metallic snake whip
Beautiful blakc/red fly switch

16 strand black & red full plait fly switch

Tan stallion lead in bridle with silver conchos
tan Arab lead-in
bridle with silver conchos
two tone auctioneer gavel

12 strand black & tan auctioneer gavel

An eye catching pair of bull whips
matching pair of 4'6"x12 strand
 silver bull whips for circus performances
Bullock whip
red hide bullocky whip with natural red gum timber handle
Mounted trophy whip
6'x16x16 strand two tone trophy
whip on wooden shield
8 strand dog lead

8 strand dog lead with wrist loop in black

Leather book cover

embossed and edge braided leather book cover

8'x16 strand bull whip with Australian style handle

8'x16 strand black & natural bull whip with longer Australian style handle

SKT numbered  custom stock whip
6'x16 strand black/natural stock whip with authenticity certificate

Black & jade hatband and belt set

black/jade belt & hatband made to match competition whips for whip cracker

Edge braided Melways cover
Kangaroo hide Melways cover
also with stitched edges
Fully plaited two tone drafting cane

16 strand black & tan fully plaited drafting cane

Edge braided belt with conchos
brown edge braided belt with silver conchos & buckle
(owner supplied)
Mobile phone cover
edge braided kangaroo leather mobile phone pouch
Matching tri coloured whips
tri coloured set of three matching whips
Guitar strap with name embossed
personalized guitar strap
Whip crackers trio
custom whip cracking trio
Plaited money pouch

secret pouch money belt with braided rings

10"x12" personalised saddlebag with embossed name and barbed wire motif
Gunsling with plaited leather strap
Plaited kangaroo hide cobra style gunsling with lined shoulder strap
Authentic replica Lighthorse pack bags
Replica pair of Lighthorse leather pack bags

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