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It's easy to smarten up your old hat with an original hand plaited hat band. It won't make an old hat new again, but they make a good gift, and a useful one too! All these hatbands are fully adjustable and will fit most hats. They are a great addition to make your hat stand out in the crowd. Why make do with the factory fitted ‘plastic’ hatbands that are standard on most hats when you can have a stylish one like these? These hatbands are available in black, dark brown, brown, tan and natural colours as well as some other selected colours, including red, blue, purple, jade and yellow.

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"Gulf" hatband

The 'Gulf' hatband.
Standard double round hatband of four strands with two Turks head knots to hold it all together. Available in two tone or single colours. ½" (12mm) wide.   $55.00
"High Plains" hatband The 'High Plains' hatband
A simple flat hatband that can be very striking when plaited in two colours as shown, also available in a checkerboard pattern or single colour. ⅝" (16mm) wide.   $55.00

"Overlander" hatband

The 'Overlander'
This hatband has alternate flat and double round sections of plaiting and is ⅝" (16mm) wide, secured by two sliding Turk's head knots. Available in black, dark brown, brown and tan leather.   $57.50
Mini Ringer hatband The 'Mini Ringer'  hatband.
 ¾" (19mm) wide in a sennit plait of 9 strands and can also double as a perfect miniature belt for kids (suits waist size 22" - 24"). Fitted with nickel rings and keeper.   $60.00
Croc ridge hatband The 'Crocodile Ridge' hatband.
10 strand ¾" (19mm) wide and has a centre ridge like the crocodile ridge belt. This band has a plaited loop and two keepers and is also fully adjustable.   $65.00
"Brumby" hatband with horsehair tassels The 'Brumby' hatband
Made from a double round plait of four strands, cleverly entwined together and has horsehair tassels at the end. It has two Turk's head knots to hold it together and allow for adjustment. Available in black, dark brown, brown and tan leather but the colour of available horsehair will vary.   $75.00
Stock whip hatband This 'Stockwhip' hatband.
Made just like the real thing. With a 6"(150mm) handle and a thong made from kangaroo hide, it is exactly like the larger version. Also fully adjustable.  
Mini dinner hobble hatband The 'Mini Dinner Hobble' hatband
Kangaroo hide hatband made just like the real belt! ¾ (19mm) wide with solid brass fittings.
It even works like the real thing too (see HERE).   $65.00
Miniature bull whip hatband The 'Bullwhip' hatband, just like the full size version with plaited belly and the same high quality. People will know you're a whip enthusiast with a hatband like this. Colours; black, dark brown, brown & tan.   $165.00
Make a real statement with a two tone model (POA)

Keeps your hat on!

Have you ever been riding through the scrub, flat out after a beast and had your hat blow off? Then these are just the thing for you. Easily attaches to the inside of your hat and is made with a single end and sliding knot so it doesn't get in the way. Colours; black, dark brown, brown & tan.  $35.00

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