... Horse & Cattle Gear ...

We've been making and using our own gear for a long time. Many people asked where they could find such good quality gear, so we decided to make it available to everyone. This is true bushman's' gear; for the new generation bushman. If you appreciate quality leather and handmade products, want it to last a long time .. then this gear is for you!
As well as sturdy, well made bush bridles and other gear we are also able to make refined, bespoke bridle wear for the show ring. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: All prices are in Australian Dollars and include FREE postage within Australia.

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... Reins ...

Leather stock reins

Leather stock reins  ~ made from first grade bridle leather with solid brass buckles and double billets with lace tied ends

Price: "  AUD$110.00 including GST
          ⅞"  AUD$121.00 including GST

Red hide reins

Red hide reins ~ made from full grained 1st quality hide with Kimberley knots for attachment. Around 6'6" long depending on the length of the hide.

Price: " AUD$93.50 including GST
           1"  AUD$99.00 
including GST

Tough green chrome reins

Green chrome reins ~ made from green chrome cow hide which is extremely tough and doesn't need leather dressing. These reins have Kimberley knots for attachment.

Price: " AUD$93.50 including GST
           1"  AUD$99.00 
including GST

Cotton campdraft reins

Campdraft reins ~ made from 1" braided tubular cotton, with solid brass buckles and leather billets for attachment.

Price: AUD$110.00 including GST

Picture coming soon

Super soft cotton reins ~ made from a very soft braided and sewn 1" cotton web fitted with solid brass buckles and leather billets. Available in white or brown. 

Price: AUD$110.00 including GST

 We also have available a super soft sporting rein, which is a single rein 6' in length with brass or stainless steel scissor snaps. Other lengths are also available if you prefer, please just ask.

Price: AUD$88.00 including GST

Rope reins

Rope reins12 mm double braided nylon rope with leather slobber straps. Available in white/black fleck, black or purple colours.

Price: AUD$88.00 including GST

Spare slobber straps ~ per pair (shaped)
Price: AUD$27.50 including GST

Laced leather reins  ~ made from the best leather we can find then beautifully hand laced, these reins are hand cut, polished and sewn with stainless steel billets and buckle. Available in children's or adult  lengths.

Price: Childs (⅝" wide x 3'6" long) - AUD$125.00 including GST
             Adult  (" wide x 4'6" long) - AUD$150.00 including GST

We also make plain reins with stainless steel billets or buckles.

... Bridles ...

Quality barcoo stock bridle Barcoo BridleHand sewn from quality full grained bridle leather with solid brass or stainless steel fittings. Available in black, brown or chestnut leather.
Price:           Pony  5/8"     AUD$170.00 including GST
Cob  3/4"     AUD$175.00 including GST
Full  3/4"     AUD$180.00 including GST
Extra Large  7/8"     AUD$185.00 including GST
Picture coming soon
Extended Head BridleFor those horses with a little 'Houdini' in them who can lose their bridle. Hand sewn from quality full grained bridle leather with solid brass or stainless steel fittings. Available in black, brown or chestnut leather.
Price:             Pony 5/8"     AUD$200.00 including GST
Cob  3/4"     AUD$205.00 including GST
Full  3/4"     AUD$210.00 including GST
Extra Large  7/8"     AUD$215.00 including GST


Purchase a pair of reins with your bridle and buy them both for AUD$25.00 {AUD$27.50 inc. GST within Australia} less than the cost of both.

Snaffle curb strap

Double buckle snaffle bit hobble straps ~ made using the same leather that our bridles are made from with the same buckles, they can be made to match your bridle.

Price: AUD$33.00 including GST

Or in a simple style with chicago screws (see HERE) Price: AUD$22.00 including GST

. . . Customized Gear . . .

We are able to customize any of our gear to suit your requirements. This matching bridle and breastplate were made for stock horse turnout classes and featured brass plates engraved with the owner's brand, kangaroo hide braiding and was fully edge stiched.

Here are another couple of samples of some customized bridles: - ASH and 3 knots


Snaffle Bridle ~ made using the best leather we can find, these bridles are great for pony club, the show ring or as a general bridle. Stainless steel buckles and billets are used. Available in pony, cob, full and draft sizes. Reins are not included but plain or laced reins to match can be purchased separately.

We can also custom fit a turnout bridle for your next show, please talk to us about having a fitting or a getting our adjustable bridle to measure your horse for a perfect fit. POA.

Price: AUD$325.00 including GST


Rope halter ~ knotted halters made from Australian made, marine grade double braid yacht rope in 6mm or 8 mm diameter. View available colours:- 6mm or 8mm

Price: 6 mm - AUD$33.00 including GST
          8 mm - AUD$38.50
including GST 

bitless rope bridle

Bitless Rope Bridle ~ ideal for endurance or natural horsemanship. Made from Australian made ,marine grade double braid yacht rope with stainless steel rings and braided noseband for wider pressure on the nose. Various colour combinations, contact us for details. Available in pony, cob, full and draft sizes. Braiding colours HERE
Price: AUD$70.00 including GST

12mm reins with stainless steel scissor snaps also available in black, purple, blue or black/blue fleck or black/purple fleck.
Price: AUD$50.00 including GST when purchased with a bridle

... Saddle Accessories ...

Stockman's BreastplateFully hand sewn, solid grained, first grade bridle leather with solid brass fittings.

Price:               Pony  5/8"    

AUD$225.00 including GST

Cob  3/4"    

AUD$240.0 including GST

Full  7/8"    

AUD$255.00 including GST

Extra Large  1"    

AUD$280.00 including GST


Stockman's ox-bow stirrup leathersHand sewn for strength and made from first quality harness leather 2" wide with 1" brass buckles. Keeper straps also included.
including GST

Also available, plain 1" stirrup leathers with stainless steel or brass buckles. Made from the same leather as above leathers and all hand sewn.
Price: AUD$150.00 including GST


Mohair GirthsHand made here by us in 100% mohair or mohair/poly blend with solid brass buckles. Available in various styles including stock, endurance and dressage. Made in standard sizes but we can also make any length from tiny pony to extra large horse. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements. Stock style pictured left. Price will vary according to style and length.

Price: AUD$110.00 including GST mohair/poly blend
 or AUD$120.00 including GST 100% mohair


Hobbles to keep your horse handy

HobblesStraps are made from soft but strong green chrome leather 1" wide to minimize chaffing with strong 5 link chain with swivel.

Price: AUD$85.00 including GST

SidelinesWith the same green chrome straps as the hobbles, but with a longer 8 link chain and swivel.

Price: AUD$105.00 including GST

... Cattle drafters ...

Half plait cattle drafting cane

Cane cattle drafter ~ with kangaroo hide plaited handgrip and knob with wrist strap so that you don't need to put them down. Cane length is 2'6"; red hide flapper length is 12" long. Great  for drafting cattle in the yards, especially in areas where CattleCare has been implemented.

Price: AUD$95.00 including GST

Fully covered cattle drafter

Red hide cattle drafter ~ We also make this drafter with a fibreglass rod fully  covered in red hide . Same dimensions as the cane drafter with knot on the handle as well. Draft your cattle in style.

Price: AUD$130.00 including GST

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