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Even if you look after your whips with the greatest care, you will usually need to replace some parts of your whip at some time in it's life. Crackers and falls are both naturally wearing, replaceable parts. Crackers will come off from time to time and a fall will shorten with many cracker replacements. Without a cracker the fall will wear down so don't crack a whip without one. It is much easier and cheaper to replace a cracker than it is a whole fall.

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Whip falls

Red hide or White hide falls: made of the best quality hide. Tapered, greased and bevelled ready to put straight on your whip.


Nylon whip crackers

Nylon Crackers: made from black nylon twisted cord. Durable, high twist available singly or by the dozen


Poly whip crackers

Black poly crackers: which give a deeper, louder sound and are less likely to tangle. Ideal for work whips or whip cracking shows.


Stock whip handle

Handle  a half plait, 8 strand 'roo hide, 19" cane handle with a keeper to suit a red hide, white hide or kangaroo hide whip. If you've broken yours, we can supply you with a new one.


Stock whip thong

Thongs   if your handle is still O.K. and you'd like a new thong to put on it, we have 4 strand red hide thongs in 5', 6' or 7' lengths or white hide thongs available in 5' or 6' lengths.
Price:    5' - $120.00
6' - $130.00
7' - $140.00


*We can also make a kangaroo hide thong to suit your handle in a suitable strand count, please ask us for details.

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