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We are often asked if we can repair a broken whip, and although we can't work miracles, it is often possible to refurbish an old whip. Replacement of keepers, falls and missing knots are fairly common repairs, but occasionally we are asked to do some more intricate work. As long as the condition and strength of the leather in the whip strands is good, we are able to repair most damage.

We were approached to restore this military pack saddle for a museum featuring Light Horse gear. Dated 1915, this pack was used by a farrier/vet in WW1. The leather was in bad shape and many pieces of the harness were missing.

After many hours of cleaning, conditioning, repairing and replacing a number of straps, making new slit leather girths and britchen; the final result was amazing. We kept this a sympathetic restoration as we wished to retain as much of the original as possible.  

This leather army cap belonged to the same soldier as the pack saddle.
The stitching was totally rotten and the leather dry and very brittle. 

When we had finished re-sewing the seams and reconditioning the leather, the cap looked fabulous. Not bad for a cap that's 96 years old!

Although mostly intact, this 1915 Light Horse saddle badly needed some TLC. We cleaned, reconditioned and re-sewed many parts of the saddle.

Then we made a new slit leather girth and surcingle, new straps for the accoutrements, fitted them all and now the saddle is ready for display.

Recently this old driving whip came to us for repair like this:

The leather in the thong was beyond saving, with several breaks in the plaiting, missing loop and goose quill the only option was to make a completely new thong for the whip. We sent home a refurbished bow top whip fit for a driving turnout class again.

Restored driving whip

Our repair work isn't limited to whips. We also repair a large variety of saddlery, harness, military gear, handbags and many other items which are a bit the worse for wear.

This draft horse collar arrived for repairs, the lacing was used to hold the old lining and straw in place.

After new collar check and a couple of straps it was no longer an ornament in the shed but useful once more for its original purpose.


This old side saddle arrived in our workshop in this state. The leather was badly dried out and the panel was totally missing.


Now ready to ride aside.
After many hours restoring the leather, replacing the near side safe and making a new panel, the saddle is ready for a ride. If you have a side saddle in disrepair which you would like restored or if you have one you'd like to sell please call us.

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