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For centuries, the tool of trade for Australian stockmen has been a good whip. They searched for the best quality they could find and revered good workmanship. Whips were used daily, and so had to stand up to the rigorous demands that were made of it. It has been suggested that the stock whip has evolved from the English hunting whip, but has developed into a form that is unique to Australia. A major difference being the solid handle and separate thong, which can allow the looped thong to hang easily over a horseman's arm.

    All our stock whips display traditional bush craftsmanship with with true balance, accuracy, quality and style that dates back to the original masters of this fine art. Using the same time honoured tradition as the great whip makers of the past we make whips from the finest quality Australian leather. All kangaroo hide stock whips have a fully plaited 'roo hide belly and bolster. Each set is hand cut, the strands are then stretched and burnished, then trimmed back to an even width  to ensure a tight, smoothly finished thong which will endure many years of hard work. Each whip is naturally weighted and falls beautifully. Our whips are highly prized by both users and collectors and there are many throughout this vast country of Australia, working for a living and also many, idly passing their time on walls as an artistic feature of beauty.

    Handles are made from first grade Tohiti cane with a half cane handgrip of 'roo hide. Fully plaited handles are tapered and made, as tradition requires, from cane with a spring steel reinforcing and are lead weighted for perfect balance. We don’t use timber handles as they are considered far too dangerous from horseback by the true bushman, as a broken handle can splinter and inflict serious injury to the user or his horse.

  The length of a Stock Whip does not include the handle or the fall. To work out the written formula for a whip, follow this formula; 6’(denoting length of thong) x 12 (denoting the number of strands in the thong) x 16 (denoting the number of strands in the handle).

PLEASE NOTE: All prices are in Australian Dollars. Please contact us for shipping costs.

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These kangaroo hide whips are really beautiful, made with extremely high quality workmanship combined with the best roo hide available, they won’t let you down. So if you want to give someone the very best, or want one for yourself; try these, and hang the extra expense! With the proper care and maintenance, one of these top quality whips will last you a lifetime (and that of your grand children too).

*all whips ship with a spare fall and a packet of poly crackers, free of charge*

"Drover" 8 strand stock whip

This whip offers the best balance between value for money, durability and quality and is a great introduction to kangaroo hide whips. Made to the same exacting standards as all our whips, it  consists of an 8 strand, ½ plait cane handle and an 8 strand herringbone plait thong. It will last a life time of use in the high country or the dusty outback plains. Comes with quality red hide fall. Other lengths also available.

Price: AUD$360.00 including GST for 5' length
          AUD$385.00 including GST for 6' length
          AUD$410.00 including GST for 7' length

"Stockman" 12 strand stock whip

A similar whip to the Drover but with 12 finer strands and a 12 strand ½ plait cane handle making  an attractive looking whip. Great for the person who is prepared to take a little more care with their whip. Comes in a single colour with quality red hide fall. 

Price:  AUD$425.00 including GST for 6' length
           AUD$460.00 including GST for 7' length

Other lengths also available, contact us for a price.

"Plainsman" 12 strand stock whip

A very fine example of whip making skills which will truly make heads turn! This whip has a 12 strand thong with 12 strand fully plaited, steel lined tapered cane handle, which is also lead balanced. Comes standard in single colour but two tone whips in this model also available. 

Price: AUD$475.00 including GST for 6' length, single colour
          AUD$510.00 including GST for 7' length, single colour

      **'Plainsman' also available in 2 tone: $POA**

Other lengths also available, contact us for a price.

A beautiful two tone "Outback" stock whip

Another finely plaited whip with 16 strand thong and a 16 strand fully plaited, steel lined tapered cane handle, lead balanced to suit each whip. 

Price: from AUD$595.00 including GST for 6’ length in a single colour
AUD$645.00 including GST for 7' length in a single colour      

**Also available in other lengths and in two tone colouring (shown) $POA**

Beautiful presentation whip

'Presentation Whip'

This whip has the addition of a plain silver ferrule fitted to the handle which can be engraved. This makes it an ideal whip for a special occasion; such as birthday, anniversary, wedding gift or camp draft trophy. with 12 strand thong and a 12strand fully plaited, steel lined lead balanced and tapered cane handle. 

Price: from AUD$495.00 including GST for 5’ length in a single colour

**Also available in other lengths and in two tone - $POA**

Miniature stock whip

    'Miniature whip'

A miniature replica of the real thing. Made totally out of kangaroo hide with a ½ plait handle & 20" thong. These make a great talking piece or wall hanging ... it even cracks, too!

Price: AUD$70.00 including GST

... Care of Your Whip ...

    How long a whip lasts depends on how well it is made, where you use it, and how you look after it. Misuse, abuse, manure and gravel are all natural enemies of your whip. Please look after your whip as the best whip in the world will last no time at all if it is not looked after. Whips will literally last a lifetime of the toughest outdoor use, if carefully maintained. With such an investment in one whip you owe it to yourself to take the very best care possible of your whip.

    To prolong your whips’ life try not to get the whip too wet as it will become brittle and rot when it dries out. Always keep it well oiled with our own natural whip dressing to prevent this. However, any good leather dressing will do. If possible, try to avoid straight neatsfoot oil as this substance has a tendency to swell the fibres of the leather and cause them to become weaker.

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