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We are often asked to make matching pairs of whips for two handed routines in whip cracking competitions and for professional whip performers. Here is a selection of some of the whips we offer. We can also custom make a pair of whips for your specific needs. Please feel free to talk to us about your requirements. All prices are in AUD$, please contact us for shipping costs.

Red hide whip cracking package

These 4'6" red hide or white hide pairs are ideal for the novice whip cracker or performer who is just starting out in the sport. Evenly matched with lead balanced half plait handles, they are fast and light enough for two handed routines and are highly accurate for target cracking also. As a bonus, also included are 2 spare falls, a tub of whip dressing and 2 packets of poly whip crackers.
These whips can be personalized with your name or initials branded into the cane handle at no extra charge. $425.00 

Latigo stock whip pair

4'6" kangaroo hide pair


Kangaroo hide whip cracking package

These 4'6" x 12 strand kangaroo hides whips are lightning fast for impressive double handed whip cracking routines, they are available in dark brown, mid brown, tan, black or natural colours. You can personalize your whips with two tone knots or branding of initials into the handle for no further charge. The package also contains 2 spare falls, a tub of whip dressing and 2 packets of poly whip crackers. $850.00

We can also make pairs with higher strand counts or with full plait handles. Please contact us for pricing.


Bull whip cracking package

This pair of 4' x 12 strand kangaroo hide whips are ideal for performing indoors or in confined areas. The handles are lead balanced and the whips are light and fast, to enable long and intricate routines. Plaited over two tightly plaited kangaroo hide bellies they fall straight and true every time. As with the other packages, this pair comes with 2 spare falls, a tub of whip dressing and 2 packets of poly crackers.   $950.00

These whips can also be customised with two tone patterns, click HERE to see an example & contact us for pricing.

4' kangaroo hide bull whip pair

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