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As well as our stock whips, we also make a range of other whips including bull whips, snake whips and signal whips

  PLEASE NOTE: All prices are in Australian Dollars. Please contact us for shipping costs.

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Black 6'x12 strand bull whip

'Bull whips'

We make a wide range of kangaroo hide bull whips from 8 strand to 32 strand and all lengths. They are all made with two full kangaroo hide bellies, and can have a short handle (8" to 10") or a longer Australian type handle (14" to 16"). Finished with a quality red hide fall. Length is measured from the knot at the handle butt to the knot at the fall.


Priced from $425.00 including GST for a single colour 4'x 8 strand bull whip. Also available in two tone with patterns.

** Please enquire for prices on other lengths and strand counts**

10' replica of the Indiana Jones bull whip

'Replica Whips'

We also make a range of replica whips as used in the movies; including Indiana Jones, Catwoman and Zorro. These whips are 12 strand and in various lengths.

Priced from $595.00 including GST for 6' x 12 strand "Indiana Jones" style bull whip in authentic natural colour. (10' whip pictured in a dark brown colour requested by a customer)

Uniquely Australian hunt whip

'Hunt whips'

We can create a unique hunt whip for you. The one pictured here was custom made with emu leg leather insert, closed kangaroo hide keeper, deer antler buck hook and stainless steel ferrule on the crop; and a kangaroo hide thong. A truly Aussie adaptation of a traditional English style whip! We also can make new thongs and crops individually or repair and update your own whip. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements

Priced from $750.00 for stock & lash

'Carriage Driving whips'

These whips have a plaited kangaroo hide thong and bamboo handle with plaited handgrip, and brass ferrule. These can be made in a length to suit your vehicle, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Priced from $220.00
**These whips are too long to be posted, please contact us for courier costs. **

'Dressage whips'

This beautiful dressage whip is fully plaited with a loop and small tassel. The handle is made from whangee cane with a stylish brass knob. These are made in a variety of lengths and fittings, so please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Priced from $175.00 including GST


Show hunter cane

'Show Hunter cane'

Made from whangee cane with silver ferrule and genuine deer antler buck hook. These are individually hand made and no two are the same. Can be fitted with a small open keeper or with a sewn closed keeper, we can even make a small thong to match. Ideal for show hunter classes.

Priced from $175.00

leather covered show cane

'Leather show cane'

Simple, elegant and timeless; hand sewn finest English pigskin. Child, adult and side saddle lengths available.


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