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For strength, durability and balance nothing beats these hard working cowhide whips. They are an ideal whip for the stockman or the amateur, and they're suitable for daily use with a minimum of care. Our work whips are second to none and are made with the same care and attention to detail as our kangaroo hide whips. They fall well, crack well and with wider strands than a roo hide whip, are tough and strong. We’ve spent many hours working with this style of whip and find them comfortable and long lasting. Please contact us for shipping costs.

*all whips ship with a packet of poly crackers, free of charge*

"Jackeroo" - red hide stock whip

These whips are made from 1st grade red hide and are fitted with a ˝ cane, 8 strand 'roo hide handle (or 'roo hide Turk's head knot only) and 4 strand red hide thong. They are great for everyday use and will stand up to a great deal of hard work.

Price: 5' - AUD$185.00 including GST - 1/2 cane handle (pictured)  
6' - AUD$195.00 including GST - 1/2 cane handle (pictured)  
7' - AUD$205.00 including GST - 1/2 cane handle (pictured)
5' - AUD$160.00  including GST - Turks head knob only
6' - AUD$170.00  including GST - Turks head knob only
7' - AUD$180.00  including GST - Turks head knob only


"Little Nipper"stock whip 'Little Nipper'
With suitable supervision these are a great way to start the 'billy lids' (kids) whip cracking!  They have a Turk's head only on the end of the handle with a thong of around 3’ 6" and are excellent value.
A great whip for the littlies to knock around with.

They also make an excellent motorbike or yard whip!!

Price: AUD$115.00 including GST


Need a new fall, crackers, new handle or any other spare parts for your whip? Click HERE to visit our spare parts page.

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