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These Bit Straps are often called by many names to mean the same; from Snaffle Hobble, Curb Strap, Bit Strap, Bit Hobble, Chin Strap, Lip Strap and more!

These bit straps are made to match our ASH Show bridles, with show Swage buckes and completely hand stitched. A popular addition to a snaffle bit, as they can prevent the bit from slipping through the horses mouth when pressure is applied. We make these in two standard sizes, or can custom make these to any size to suit.

This is our Show style but we also make a simpler style for everyday use. If you would like anything other than what you see here, please just ask.





Sizing needed can vary depending on the size of the horse, size of bit and rings, as well as your personal preference for fit. There is adjustment in each size; the Small from about 15-18cm, Large about 18-21cm. Please let us know in the notes if you require a custom size

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

Small, Large


Black, Dark Havana, AusNut, Tan, Conker, Hazel


Brass, Stainless

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  1. Kim (verified owner)

    Neat and tidy stitching to compliment a show bridle.

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